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Boost Profits

We build our products to meet the end user experience requirements.

Virtual C.I.O

Every StartUp has a story. Our Virtual C.I.O has the ability to make your organization a success story.
Application Development

Breathe Life to Ideas

Reshaping the Nigerian market with our game changing applications.


We unleash the power of technology in transforming your business.
Websites and Application


We create enabling Websites and Applications of every kind.
With Glosscare;

Doctors can remotely diagnose, treat, and manage the care of patients. Patients can be seen remotely by physicians in their homes, places of work, or at any location other than a doctor’s office, and physicians can treat patients remotely from a hospital, medical facility, or other places of work including their own homes or even while on vacation, as long as they have access to the Internet.

we are dedicated

We put our work to heart to ensure our end user get maximum benefits from each product they get to partake from.

we are creative

Bright ideas by the management team down to the development and testing team to make each and every product more valuable to you.

we are friendly

We respect our client requests and respond to end user terms to reach a resourceful ground for maximum output.
Working Together

We Achieve More

Glosskode brings omni-channel, industry-specific app development experience to every client we serve. We like to say, “we turn our customers to partners,” by producing apps that keep on winning across every device, hardware platform, browser or display. With a focus on usability, agility and rapid application processes, we’re an app development company that can produce a web or mobile app not only your company will like, but your end-users as well.

  • Unique Ideas
  • KHappy Clients
  • Glasses Of Coffee

Our Portfolio

How We Plan Our Work

The Creative Process

  • 01
    the research & planning
    Problem statements, user requirement and various approaches to problem solutions.
  • 02
    implementation & design
    Product design description, progress diagrams and other documentations. Software development
  • 03
    testing, review & launch
    Software testing in different variations. Continuous Integration for user feedback before full deployment.

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