Thomas Sule

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Sule is the Founder and Chief Executive of BCTEK Engineering, an
emerging Telecommunications infrastructure service provider in Nigeria where
he has grown and strengthened BCTEKs operations to cut across all major
operators in Nigeria.
Prior to joining BCTEK, he served on the Leadership Board of Oando PLC as the
Chief Information Officer transforming all aspects of Oando PLC digital strategy.
Mr. Sule was also previously the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating
Officer at Helios Towers Nigeria where he focused on strengthening the
company’s position as a leader in the industry by boosting revenues,
recapitalization and branding growth strategies.
Mr. Sule began his leadership career in North America as a Manager, Technical
Services at Activplant Corporation and then BP Energy Canada where he served
in various leadership roles, leading strategy and governance of the N.G.L
business unit Service delivery. Thomas earned a Bachelors of Engineering
degree from Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria and a Masters
degree from university of Waterloo, Canada, he is an alumina of the Harvard
Business School, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a
Professional Engineer designation (P.Eng) in Canada