Tax Management Information System

Tax Management Information System

The Tax Management Information System is an online platform that provides taxpayers and tax administrators a convenient and effective means of paying and managing taxes. TaMIS provides the general tax-paying public the very rare opportunity to not only pay their taxes, but to own their tax records and taxrelated activities.

Features of TaMiS

  • Online Registration of tax payers
  • Online payments of taxes, levies and fees
  • e-Filing
  • Application for tax clearance certificate
  • Verification of tax payers and payments
  • Tax calculator for self-assessment
  • Request for TCCS
  • Demand notices
  • Driver’s license and number plate processing
  • Stamp duty processing

Benefits of TaMiS

  • Easy and convenient means of tax payment
  • Supports and simplifies the overall function of tax
  • Swift access to information for all stakeholders
  • Quick and real-time generation of reports
  • Identifies compliant and non compliant tax payers
  • Proper planning and analysis of tax levies rate
  • Secure platform with a standard Disaster Recovery plan implementation
  • Increase Government Revenue

TaMiS Implementation Strategy

  • Setup of TaMiS website and access portal
  • Data mining of corporate and individual tax payers
  • Forms digitization
  • Process and procedure gathering reengineering of Tax payment process
  • Capacity development
  • Deployment of hardware, communication systems and connectivity
  • Setup of ICT and support
  • Staff scheduling and management
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