State-Wide Education Management Information System

State-Wide Education Management Information System

The management of education in the 21st century has gradually moved from the traditional manual processes and procedures to the use of automated systems that supports robust relational databases, digital archives, analytics and reporting systems that can enable government and relevant stakeholders make prompt and accurate decisions.

  • Most of the administrative activities carried out by education administrators can be more effective if these activities are digitisedfor easy access and cost optimisation.
  • It is on the heels of the foregoing that a State-Wide Education Management Information System (SwEMiS) was developed to make for easy management of the education system.
  • SwEMiSis an information management system that enables State Ministries of Education and other relevant stakeholders find a onestop-shop for all relevant administrative activities as it relates to schools (both private and public) in all LGAs of the State. It caters for registration of private schools, enrolment of pupils and students in both private and public schools, manages processes and procedures for registering a new school, renewal of existing registration and even proffer a change on the existing registration etc.


  • Registration of Schools
  • Student enrolment
  • Teachers qualification oversight
  • Student attendance and assessment management
  • Registration and management of state-wide exams
  • Item bank management for state-wide assessments, examination administration and reporting
  • Regulation of procedures and processes
  • Standardisationof basic items through forms and templates
  • Online evaluation of facilities and premises
  • Complaint management and feedback

SwEMiS Implementation Strategy

  • Web-portal Deployment
  • Online Exams Registrations
  • Item Banking
  • State exams administration
  • Schools registrations
  • Capacity development for users
  • Online regulatory processes
  • Schools eligibility (staff, facilities, enrolments, etc.)
  • Approvals
  • Change requests
  • Compliance monitoring and tracking
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Capacity development for users
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