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glossEMIS (State wide education management information system)

The management of education in the 21st century has gradually moved from the traditional manual processes and procedures to the use of automated systems that supports robust relational databases, digital archives, analytics and reporting systems that can enable government and relevant stakeholders make prompt and accurate decisions.

glossPuSMiS (Public Service Management Information System )

The Nigerian public sector accounts for a colossal number of employees which increases steadily as the years go by. The civil service commission, which is the main stay of the public service in Nigeria, also consist of a large number of employees rendering their services in the 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory. 

Court Management Information System (CoMiS)

The management of our Courts and the Judiciary as an arm of government in the 21st century requires automated systems that supports robust relational databases, digital archiving, analytics, proceedings management and reporting techniques, which aims at gradually phasing out the traditional pen, paper, and hard copy filing processes/procedures.

Tax Management Information System (TaMiS)

The Tax Management Information System is an online platform that provides taxpayers and tax administrators a convenient and effective means of paying and managing taxes. TaMIS provides the general tax-paying public the very rare opportunity to not only pay their taxes, but to own their tax records and taxrelated activities.

State-wide Health Management Information System (SwHMiS)

The Health Management Information System (HMiS) is an online health management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform designed to improve the health care service delivery of the State.The platform amongst others is critical to deliver an efficient and effective health care for the people various health care delivery professionals planning and implementation.

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