Court Management Information System

Court Management Information System

The management of our Courts and the Judiciary as an arm of government in the 21st century requires automated systems that supports robust relational databases, digital archiving, analytics, proceedings management and reporting techniques, which aims at gradually phasing out the traditional pen, paper, and hard copy filing processes/procedures.

This new order of automation will enable the Judiciary and her stakeholders provide and enjoy improved service delivery, respectively

The Court Management Information System (CoMiS) is an information management system that seeks to enable the State Judiciary and other relevant stakeholders find a one-stop-shop for all relevant administrative activities as it relates to Judiciary arm of government in all LGAs of the State. Hence, it will cater for:

Registration and verification of practicing lawyers.

Registration and verification of state prosecutors

E-filing of cases, appeals and interlocutory applications

Case management

Online reporting of court proceedings

Online processing of applications, affidavits and administrative processes

Ware-housing and archiving of case files


  • e-Filing
  • e-Assessment
  • e-Payments
  • Case (Suit) number assignment
  • Case Assignment
  • Case Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • Applications Management
  • Probate Management
  • Lis Pendens Management
  • e-Notifications and Court service
  • Capacity Development & Certifications

Benefits of CoMiS

  • Central database of all court cases & processes.
  • Prompt justice delivery and transparency.
  • Convenient assessment and payment for applications and filings
  • Accessibility, as both lawyers, registry staff and Judges can work from anywhere.
  • Organized files of clients
  • Reporting and access to cumulative data
  • Improved client satisfaction with more responsive and reliable service delivery
  • Automated calendar process for effective management of deadlines Improved source of IGR to the Judiciary arm and the State at large through payments for filings, applications, lispendens, and other related services.
  • Provision of world class judiciary services for citizens

CoMiS Implementation Strategy

  • Set up of CoMiSWeb-Portal
  • User registrations
  • Court facilities and premises evaluation
  • Court directory and related services
  • E-Filing for Interlocutory applications, new suit and appeals
  • Case management and reporting
  • Standardization and regulation processes and procedures
  • Complaint management and feedback
  • Probate management and Electronic data collection and management
  • Court based management information system
  • Management of data, blogs and other links and resources
  • Capacity development and certification
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